Sandeep Kumar Dash(NTSE 2018)


Sandeep Kumar Dash

My Status:★☆☆☆☆ (Kickstarter)
Pet Name: Guddu
My School: kendriya vidalaya no. 2 Sadras Kalpakkam
Coaching Institute: Self Study
I am from: kalpakkam

My Prep Resolution

I Pledge to practice at-least 50 questions every day.

My 9-Miles Study Plan

My Current Milestone: 7 I am Sharp! Master!

I need to catch up on my schedule of preparation.

I am following The 9-Miles Study Plan!

I Answered a Question!

Prep Buddy asked : What is the name of a polyhedr...

I answered : It is a Hexagonal Prism Hope it helps!!!

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