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My Name is Prep Buddy!

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I am available on chat from 10am to 5pm (Mon-Sat)

About Me:
I am your friendly neighbourhood buddy, your best friend, your guide, your pal. I am Mr. Know-it-All and I have answers to all your doubts / fears / questions.

I love:
Sci-Fi! Fruits & Veggies! Cool & Fresh Water!

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I am available at the following places

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M: 9654891731 8506871515

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I will do my best to respond to all your queries within hours. In case of a lot of queries you might have to wait. Feel free to call in case anything is urgent.


Recently Asked Questions and Doubts

A secondary cell can be a) recharge B) combined into primary dry cell C) use product nuclear power or D) use infinitely
By: Christina North on 18 Jun, 2019 - Participate

How to make physics strong
By: MIR MUSAIB on 18 Jun, 2019 - Participate

Gestation period is the duration between A. Ovulation and parturition B. Maturation of egg and ovulation C. Implantation and parturition D. Fertilisation and parturition
By: Parveen Rawal on 17 Jun, 2019 - Participate

A body,thrown unwards with some velocity reaches the maximum height of 50m. Another body with double the mass thrown upwith double the intial velocity will reach a maximum height
By: amankumar1826 on 17 Jun, 2019 - Participate

Marks: 1 Fill in the blanks with correct article. Don't hesitate to ask him for ________ advice if you need it.
By: nikkisriram03 on 17 Jun, 2019 - Participate

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