s-block Elements


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Important Concepts in s-block Elements

Find notes, videos, important points and questions to practice on each of these concepts.

  • Periodicity

  • Alkali Metals

  • Compounds of Sodium

  • Compounds of Potassium

  • Anomalous Behavior of Lithium

  • Alkaline Earth Metals

  • Reactions of Alkaline Earth Metals

  • Compounds of Alkaline Earth Metals

  • Other s-Block Compounds

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Important Points

For 1st group if u read the elements in one go it will sound like this: LINA KE RAB KA SAFAR. That is : Li Na K Rb Cs Fr
for 2nd group :BETA MANGE CAR SCOOTER BAAP RE .That is: Be Mg Ca Sr Ba Ra
Anomalous behavior of Lithium-Lithium displays most of the characteristic properties of group to which it belongs that is the alkali metals group (Group 1).
Atomic and ionic radii: Alkali metals have largest atomic and ionic radii in their respective periods of periodic table .On moving down the group, the atomic and ionic radii increase.
Alkali metals have lowest ionization enthalpy in each period. Within each group the ionization enthalpies of alkali metals decreases down the group.
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