Transition Elements (d and f block)


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Important Concepts in Transition Elements (d and f block)

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Most Important Concepts (Do or Die)
  • Compounds of Copper

  • Compounds of Zinc

Important Concepts (Should Do)
  • Transition Elements (d-Block)

  • Inner-Transition Elements (f-Block)

  • Compounds of Chromium

  • Compounds of Manganese

  • Compounds of Iron

  • Compounds of Mercury

Not So Important Concepts (Do if you have time)
  • Compounds of Silver

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Important Points

Magnetic moment is given in the bohr-magneton (BM) which is given by the expression =>BM= eh/4*pi* m*c ,Where h= Planck's constant , e= electrostatic charge , c=velocity of light , m= mass of electron
The transition metals are almost unique in their tendency to form co-ordination complexes , which is due to following factors: (1) very small size (2) High positive charge density (3) vacant orbital's with right type of energy to accept lone pair of electrons.
Transition elements on account of their variable valency have ability to form intermediate compounds very rapidly thus acting as good catalysts.
In acid solution the equivalent weight of KMnO4 is one-fifth of its molecular weight.
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