Solid State


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Important Concepts in Solid State

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Important Concepts (Should Do)
  • Bragg's Equation

  • Imperfection in Solids

Not So Important Concepts (Do if you have time)
  • Classification of Solids

  • Amorphous Solids

  • Crystalline Solids

  • Unit Cell

  • Packing in solids

  • Interstitial Site (Voids)

  • Electrical, Magnetic and Dielectric properties.

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Important Points

The faces , edges and interfacial angles are related as , f + c =e+2 ,Where f =no. of faces , e= no. of edges , c= no .of interfacial angles.
The law of symmetry states that all crystals of same substances possess the same elements of symmetry.
Density of unit cell= Mass of the unit cell /Volume of the unit cell
Number of unit cell (Z): no/8 +no/2 +ni/1 , where , nc = no of atoms at the corners of the cube ,nf = number of atoms at six faces of the cube , ni = no of atoms inside the cube.
The size of trigonal void is 0.115 times of the radius of the bigger sphere involved.
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