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Sets, Relations and Functions

Sets, Relations and Functions logoSubject: Mathematics    Exam: AIEEE

Chapter Rating: Do or Die (Most Important)

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Important Concepts in Sets, Relations and Functions

Find notes, videos, important points and questions to practice on each of these concepts.

  • Types of Sets

  • Venn Diagram

  • Operations on Sets

  • Laws of Algebra of Sets

  • Ordered Pair and Cartesian Product

  • Types of Relations

  • Inverse Relations

  • Compositions of Relations

  • Equivalence of Relations

  • Types of Functions

  • Composition of Functions

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Important Points

If two functions f and g satisfy f (g(x)) = x for every x in the domain of g, and g(f(x)) =x for every x in the domain of f, we say that f is the inverse of g and g is the inverse of f.

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