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Important Concepts in Polymers

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Most Important Concepts (Do or Die)
  • Addition Polymerisation

  • Condensation Polymerisation

  • Copolymerisation

  • Coordination Polymerisation

Important Concepts (Should Do)
  • Some Important Polymers

Not So Important Concepts (Do if you have time)
  • General Introduction-Polymers

  • Classification of Polymers

  • General Methods of Polymerization

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Important Points

The molecular mass of polymers varies from 103-107 u.
Rayon has a shine like silk, so also known as artificial silk.
Vulcanised rubber is also an example of semisynthetic polymers.
Due to presence of chains of varying length in a polymer sample, their molecules mass is always expressed as an average.
Bakelite due to presence of extensive crosslinking is an example of thermosetting polymer.
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