Pattern Perception


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Important Points

Direction of various components/elements Check whether various components (i.e., dots, arrows, circles, triangles, squares, etc.) are pointing towards any particular direction or side (i.e., left side, right side, upward, backward, etc.) in the first figure. Then check the corresponding change which occurs in figure (ii).
Increase/decrease in number of components/elements Check if various components/elements in fig(i) are increasing or decreasing as you move to fig (ii); if so, then try to note if such change takes place in a certain ratio /proportions or manner.
Rotation/movement of components Check the movement of the components or elements in fig(i) and fig (ii) of the first part of the problem figure. The movements can be from top to bottom, from one comer to other, from left to right, etc. The rotations can be clockwise or anti-clockwise or clockwise for some components and anti-clockwise for other components.
Now, attempt the following exercises and try to be as fast as possible. In the beginning, you may be slow but after little practice you many find that one question does not take more than 15-20 seconds. Compare your answers into the answer key and note the explanations given against each. The exercises are made of some questions picked directly from the original question papers to give you practice as well as confidence when you come across similar types of questions in your examination.
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