Nuclear Chemistry


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Important Concepts in Nuclear Chemistry

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  • Nucleus : Composition and Structure

  • Radioactive Nucleus

  • Disintegration Series

  • Nuclear Reactions

  • Radioactive Equilibrium

  • Laws of Radioactice Decay

  • Nuclear Binding Energy

  • Nuclear Fission, Fusion and Hydrogen Bomb

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Important Points

The amount of a radioactive material that remains after a given number of half-lives is therefore: Amount remaining =Original amount * Fraction remaining
Nuclear fission: reactions in which an atom's nucleus splits into smaller parts, releasing a large amount of energy in the process
Nuclear fusion: reactions in which two or more elements fuse together to form one larger element, releasing energy in the process. A good example is the fusion of two "heavy" isotopes of hydrogen (deuterium: H2 and tritium: H3) into the element helium.
The loss of mass when a given nucleus is formed, starting from the appropriate number of neutrons and electrons, is known as mass defect.
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