Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism


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Important Concepts in Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism

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Most Important Concepts (Do or Die)
  • Ampere's Circuital Law

  • Motion of Charge Particle

  • Earth's Magnetism

Important Concepts (Should Do)
  • Biot - Savart law

  • Magnetic Field

  • Magnetic Field of Moving Charge

  • Force on a Current Carrying Conductor

  • Lorentz Force

  • Force Between Parallel Current Carrying Wires

  • Bar Magnets and Magnetic Dipoles

  • Torque on Bar Magnet

  • Potential Energy of a Magnetic Dipole

  • Magnetisation of Materials

  • Curie's Law and Curie Temperature

Not So Important Concepts (Do if you have time)
  • Magnetic Field Strength

  • Deflection Magnetometer

  • Vibration Magnetometer

  • Hysteresis

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