Ionic Equilibrium


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Important Concepts in Ionic Equilibrium

Find notes, videos, important points and questions to practice on each of these concepts.

  • Electrolytes

  • Common Ion Effect

  • Solubility and Solubility Product

  • Acids and Bases

  • Ostwald Dilution Law

  • Degree of Dissociation

  • Arrhenius concept

  • Bronsted - Lowry concept

  • Lewis Concept

  • pH Scale

  • Buffer Solutions

  • Buffer Capacity

  • Salt Hydrolysis

  • Indicators

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Important Points

The law of chemical equilibrium can be explained as: Rate of forward reaction=Rate of Backward reaction.
The state of reversible reaction at and after which the concentrations of reactants products do not change with time.

If no of moles of reactants and products are equal .then Kp and Kc have no unit.
Molar density before dissociation(D) =Molecular weight(m)/Volume(V)
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