Human Health Diseases


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Important Points

Vehicle-borne diseases are transmitted through ice, water, food, blood or other biological products whereas fomite-borne diseases spread through contaminated articles as garments, crockery, toys, door handles, soaps, taps, surgical instrument and syringes.
Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch gave the Germ theory of Disease.
Robert Koch, a student of Louis Pasteur, also gave a procedure of four steps referred to as Koch's Postulates to identify the germ causing a diseases. One of the steps included the isolation of germ from the diseased organism and growing it in pure/axenic culture on artificial medium. Thus pathogens that are obligate parasites (like viruses) defy Koch's postulates since they can not be pure cultured.
Sweat, tear drops and saliva contain an enzyme -Lysozyme-that destroys cell walls of most bacteria.
Path of entry of pathogen into the human body is called Portal of Entry of pathogen.
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