Heat and Thermodynamics


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Important Concepts in Heat and Thermodynamics

Find notes, videos, important points and questions to practice on each of these concepts.

Most Important Concepts (Do or Die)
  • Concept of Specific Heat

  • Thermodynamic State Variables

  • Newton's Law of Cooling

Important Concepts (Should Do)
  • Thermal Expansion

  • Gas Laws

  • Ideal Gas Equation

  • First Law of Thermodynamics

  • Second Law of Theromdynamics

  • Thermodynamic Processes

  • Heat Engines

  • Heat Transfer

  • Perfectly Black Body

  • Kirchoff's Law

  • Stefan's Law

  • Wien's Displacement Law

Not So Important Concepts (Do if you have time)
  • Zeroth Law and Concept of Temperature

  • Thermometry

  • Thermal Equilibrium

  • Reversible and Irreversible Processes

  • Carnot Engine

  • Absorptive and Emissive Powers

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