General Organic Chemistry


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Important Concepts in General Organic Chemistry

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  • General Introduction

  • Tetravalence of Carbon

  • Structural Representation of Organic Compounds

  • Classification of Organic Compounds

  • Nomenclature of Organic Compounds

  • Structural Isomerism

  • Stereo Isomerism

  • Substitution Reactions

  • Addition Reactions

  • Elimination Reactions

  • Addition-Elimination Reactions

  • Rearrangement Reactions

  • Hybridisation

  • Inductive Effect

  • Electromeric Effect

  • Conjugation

  • Mesomeric Effect

  • Resonance

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Important Points

Chiral carbon is that carbon whose all the four valencies are satisfied by four different groups.
An electrophile is defined as electron deficient species which attacks on electron rich areas.
Pi bonds are formed only by unhybridised orbitals. Hybrid orbitals form sigma bond.
A nucleophile is defined as an electron rich species that attacks on electron deficient areas.
Inductive effect is defiend as polarity produced in a molecule due to the presence of a polar bond.
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