Current Electricity


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Important Concepts in Current Electricity

Find notes, videos, important points and questions to practice on each of these concepts.

Most Important Concepts (Do or Die)
  • Variation of Resistance With Temperature

  • Wheatstone's Bridge

  • Moving Coil Galvanometer

Important Concepts (Should Do)
  • Electric Current

  • Electric Cell

  • Combination of Resistances

  • Kirchoff's Law

  • Combination of Cells

  • Potentiometer

  • RC Circuits

Not So Important Concepts (Do if you have time)
  • Resistance and Ohm's Law

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Important Points

Electronic resistors have colored bands on them to denote their level of resistance. Each color represents a number from 0 to 9. In the order of the mnemonic:

Black (0), Brown (1), Red (2), Orange (3), Yellow (4) , Green (5) , Blue (6) , Violet (7) , Gray (8) , White (9)
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Ohm's law can be remembered as "Volcanoes Are Rare" i.e. Volt = Amps x Resistance

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