Circulation of Body Fluids


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Important Points

Each cardiac cycle is completed in 0.8 sec, auricles systole in 0.1 sec and diastole in 0.7 sec, ventricular systole is 0.3 sec and diastole is 0.5 sec, joint diastole is 0.4 sec
Cardiac output is the amount of blood pumped by ventricle into aorta per min. It is determined by the heart rate and stroke volume. In a resting adult, it is 72 x 70 ml or 5 lit.
Angina pectoris - Pain in the chest due to reduced supply of blood or oxygen to heart muscle
Increased heart beat s Tachycardia while decreased heart beat is Bradycardia
Diapedesis is the movement of WBC from blood to tissues
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