Chemical Equilibrium


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Important Concepts in Chemical Equilibrium

Find notes, videos, important points and questions to practice on each of these concepts.

  • Irreversible Reactions

  • Reversible Reactions

  • Rate of Reaction

  • Equilbrium State

  • Law of Mass-Action

  • Equilibrium Constant

  • Relationship between Kp, Kc and Kx

  • Direction of Reactions

  • Le-Chatelier's Principle

  • Typer of Equilibria

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Important Points

There are two kinds of chemical equilirbria-1) Homogeneous equilibria in which all the reactants and products are in same phase2) Heterogeneous equilibria in which reactants and products are present in two or more phases.
Factors which affect the chemical equilibrium constant are Pressure,Concentration,Temperature,Catalysts,Inert gases.
Exothermic reaction is a reaction in which heat is evolved.
Active Mass = Molecular weight the object/Total volume (in litres)
Endothermic reaction is reaction in which heat is absorbed.
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