Cell Division


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Important Concepts in Cell Division

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Most Important Concepts (Do or Die)
  • Cell Cycle

  • Mitosis

  • Meosis-I

  • Meosis-II

Important Concepts (Should Do)
  • Interphase

  • Karyokinesis

  • Cytokineses

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Important Points

In case of animal cells, cytokinesis takes place through cell furrow (centripetal). Cytokinesis takes place in plants by the formation of cell plate (centrifugal).
Meiosis causes reduction chromosome number, so it is also known as reduction division.
The characteristic phenomenon during pachytene is the exchange of chromosomal segments, i.e., the recombination of genes.
The crossing over and the interchange of segments enables the exchange and recombination of parental characteristics in the offspring and there is a possibility of hereditary variation.
Daughter cells formed as a result of meiosis are not similar to that of parent cell because crossing over takes place and number of chromosomes becomes half.
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