Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes


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Important Concepts in Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes

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  • Methods of Preparation - Alkanes

  • Physical Properties - Alkanes

  • Halogenation - Alkanes

  • Nitration, Sulphonation and Oxidation - Alkanes

  • Isomerization - Alkanes

  • Aromatization - Alkanes

  • Methods of Preparation - Alkenes

  • Dehydrohalogenation - Alkenes

  • Electrophilic Addition Reactions - Alkenes

  • Substitution Reactions - Alkenes

  • Benzene

  • Methods of Preparation - Alkynes

  • Electrophilic Addition Reactions - Alkynes

  • Ozonolysis and Polymerization - Alkynes

  • Isomerization - Alkynes

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Important Points

Different methods of preparation of alkanes : Decarboxylation of sodium salt of fatty acids , wurtz reaction , corey-House Alkane synthesis , Kolbe electrolytic method , Hydrogenation of alkenes and alkynes , Reduction of alkyl halide, hydrolysis of Grignard reagent .
Liquid alkanes are lighter than water.
CH4 to CH10 are gases , C5H12 to C17H36 are liquids and higher ones are solids.
Ethyne contains acidic hydrogen.
Conjugated ployenes: A compound containing alternate double and single bonds is known as conjugated polyene.
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