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Tips and Tricks on Problems on Ages


Always read the question very carefully till you understand all the information provided in the question

It is always best to solve these problem by writing a linear equation in one variable. Two variables may need to be written if two unknown ages are not related by a fact.

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Questions involving ratios should also be first rewritten with a variable. For example, Ages of husband and wife are in a ratio 4:3 then the ages can be rewritten as 4x and 3x

Always ensure that signs are mentioned properly. For example, if age today is x then age 4 year ago will be x-4 and 4 years later will x+4.

Always ensure that multiplier are put on the correct side of the equation. For example, Father's age is 4 times the son's age then if son's age is x Father's age will be 4x and not viceversa

Always double check your answer by putting the values back in the original equation as many times equations are written in reverse order.

You can use your common knowledge for judging the values are correct or not. For example, father's age will always be greater than his son's age

If there are more than one conditions in the question build your equation step by step to incorporate all the given information. Very rarely any piece mentioned is useless

Some words have special meaning. For example 10 years hence means 10 years later. 10 years from now means 10 years later.

If you cannot calculate the answer the correct option is "Data Inadequate" or "Cannot be Determined". If you found an answer not listed in the answer option the choice would be "None of these"

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