Tips and Tricks on Odd Word


Important groups in order of number of questions asked from these groups
Objects: Tools, Stationary, Musical Instruments, Kitchen Instruments, Flying Objects, Transport objects.
Animals: Birds, Insects, Sea animals, Land animals, Homes of Animals, Young ones of animals
Grammatical Constructs: Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs.
Fruits and Vegetables and Spices
Feelings and Emotions
Places: States, Continents, Countries, Special Areas of an Establishment, e.g. for a house -porch, attic, stairs
Miscellaneous: Professions, Relationships, Elements In Nature, Shapes, Nature, Sports

A good vocabulary is required to do these questions well

When you come across some words, make sure you learn 2-3 opposite words, the comparative and superlative degree words and 2-3 synonyms.

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