Tips and Tricks on Enhancement In Food Production


Germplasm is the sum total of all the alleles of the genes present in a crop and its related species. The germplasm of any crop species consists of the following types of materials: (i) cultivated improved varieties, (ii) Improved varieties that are no more in cultivation. (iii) old local or 'desi' varieties, (iv) lines produced by plant breeders and (v) wild species related to the crop species.

Line is a group of individuals related to descent and have similar genotype. The individuals or lines used in hybridization are called parents.

The cell from microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts, filamentous algae, are treated in various ways and used as food, are called single cell protein (SCP). The term SCP does not indicate its actual meaning because the biomass is not only obtained from unicellular microorganisms but also from multicellular microorganisms.

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