Tips and Tricks on Carbon and its Compounds


Carbon is one of the most important non metallic elements. This is because all the bio molecules invariably posses carbon and hydrogen as the major constituents. The electron configuration of Carbon allows it to form very stable bonds with oxygen and hydrogen. These bonds can store an enormous amount of energy. Formation and combustion of these bonds (the carbon cycle) drives life on earth

The special significance of carbon lies in the fact that it forms two types of compounds- organic and inorganic compounds, The compounds which are analogous with the corresponding compounds of other non-metallic elements are studied under the branch of inorganic chemistry,

Carbon is very popular for having many allotropes Carbon has several solid state allotropes: graphite, diamond and In graphite, sheets of carbon rings can easily slide past each other, making this allotrope ubiquitous in pencils. Graphite is also used in lubricant because it is arranged in planes that can easily slide pass one another. Graphite is also the most thermodynamically stable allotrope of carbon.

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