Cancellation and Refund Policy


No Refund Policy

No amount paid to "Kamal Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd." will be refunded if the service has been used after the purchase. Usage of service includes:
  • Any use of paid study material after the purchase date will be considered as the subscription used.
  • Any other study material/content shared with the student on email or any other medium will be considered as used.

Refund Scenarios

For SMART Subscription:
Refund of SMART Subscription is applicable only if:
  • After payment of the SMART subscription, the student account is not converted to a SMART account within 3 working days.
  • After payment of the SMART subscription and student's account converted into SMART, a student is not able to use any study material within 7 working days. An additional 7 working days will be provided to the student and the student support team of to resolve the problem together.
For Test Series/Tests/Notes and any other packages:
Purchase of any other package (apart from SMART Subscription) is non-refundable in all cases. In case the student faces any issues in accessing the package/material, the support team of will do their best to resolve the problem.

Valid Reasons for Non-usage
The only reason for non-usage of subscription considered as valid is "failure in service" on Any other problem about internet connectivity, slow loading, your decision to not take up the exam or change in exam policy and guidelines will NOT be considered as reasons for non-usage.

After the time for reporting problems with usage expires (if applicable), we will not refund the money but the support team will work diligently to help you use the study material.
Please contact [email protected] or 09654891731 / 08506871515 for customer support. takes a lot of pride in the offering to its students and works diligently in providing the best quality and service. The amount charged is nominal and is immediately used to provide instant service.

We value the business from all our students and parents.
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