Revision Buddy for KCET Medical (non-MBBS/non-BDS)


Hi! I am your Revision Buddy

I am there to help you at the last minute to revise all your concepts quickly and ace your exam.

I bring three important revision tools for you.

30-minute Revision Capsules

Q&A Flash Cards

Fully Solved Examples

So revise your concepts, while I am busy making more interesting revision tools.

30 Minute Revision Capsule

Short 30 minute capsule to revise important points, see solved examples, learn rapid fire questions for a quick revision.

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Q&A Flash Cards

Flash Cards are unique revision tools with question on one side for your think and answer. The answer is on the back side which you can flip and confirm your answer.

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Solved Examples

Detailed Solved Examples on each chapter of your exam is available for revision. Currently they are provided as a part of Revision Capsule.

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