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My Name is Prep Buddy!

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I am available on chat from 10am to 5pm (Mon-Sat)

About Me:
I am your friendly neighbourhood buddy, your best friend, your guide, your pal. I am Mr. Know-it-All and I have answers to all your doubts / fears / questions.

I love:
Sci-Fi! Fruits & Veggies! Cool & Fresh Water!

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I am available at the following places

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[email protected]

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I will do my best to respond to all your queries within hours. In case of a lot of queries you might have to wait. Feel free to call in case anything is urgent.


Recently Asked Questions and Doubts

Can anyone suggest me tips to study plant anatomy ?? Its quite boring
By: malaika.hirulkar on 13 Nov, 2018 - Participate

what is the angle subtended by the vector A is equals to 4 i + 3 J + 12 K with the x-axis
By: malaika.hirulkar on 13 Nov, 2018 - Participate

Diels –Alder reaction is the type (A) electro cyclic reaction (B) cyclo addition reaction (C) both (A) and (B) (D) none of these
By: ramneekkaur1270 on 13 Nov, 2018 - Participate

The best methodof preparing 1O Amines from alkyl halide is by (A) Hofmann Bromamide reaction (B) Reaction with NH3 (C) Gabriel pthalamide reaction (D) Sandmeyer reaction
By: ramneekkaur1270 on 13 Nov, 2018 - Participate

All the following examples of fibrous proteins except (A) wool (B) fingernails (C) skin (D) insulin
By: ramneekkaur1270 on 13 Nov, 2018 - Participate

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