The NTSE Diagnostic Test


Free NTSE 2013 Test logoThe NTSE Diagnostic Test

This is a short FREE test that will judge whether you have it in you or not to be an NTSE Scholar.

Some key features:
  • Only 30 questions in 30 minutes
  • Will judge your IQ Level, Reasoning and Analytical skills
  • Based on actual NTSE level questions
  • Detailed Report Card in the end which will highlight your strenghts and weaknesses.

Don't Waste Time - just Take the NTSE Diagnostic Test

Are you considered to be SMART and COOL?
Are your reasoning skills of top quality?
Do people often tell you that you have a high IQ?

Then you must become an NTSE Scholar!
NTSE Scholars are given preferential treatment in admission to top universities and courses across the globe.

Try free testInterested in giving it a try? Find out if you have it in you to make it into NTSE.

What is the NTSE Exam?

NTSE - National Talent Search Examination is conducted by the NCERT. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious exams in the country. The NTSE exam consists of 2 stages - Stage 1 happens at the State level and Stage 2 happens at the national level. Around 3000 students are selected from the Stage 1 exam to go on for Stage 2.

NTSE Syllabus
  • MAT (Mental Ability Test)
    - This includes both verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
  • SAT (Scholastic Ability Test)
    - This includes Science, Mathematics and Social Science
  • English Language
    - This includes questions on English grammar.
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