Formulae on Early Medieval Period


In India, The Medieval Period is considered to be the time period between the 8th century A.D. and the 18th century A.D.

This medieval Period is sometimes divided into two parts. The period from 8th to the beginning of the 13th is regarded as the Early medieval Period while the period from the 13th century onward upto the 18th century is regarded as the Later Medieval Period.

Medieval historical sources can roughly be divided into two main types- archaeological and literaray sources. Archaeological Sources: In the archaeological sources, we include ancient monuments, inscriptions and numismatics or coins. Literary Sources: Autobiographies, chronicles, Documents, etc.: About the Early Medieval Period (8th to the beginning of the 13th century), we have derived important information from the writings found on palm leaves, birch barks and skins etc. About the Later Medieval Period (13th to 18th century), many books written on paper have been found.

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