Formulae on Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure


Covalent bonding includes many kinds of interaction, including metal to metal bonding, agostic interactions, and three-center two-electron bonds

Bent bonds, also known as banana bonds, are bonds in strained or otherwise sterically hindered molecules whose binding orbitals are forced into a banana-like form

six rules for the shared electron bond:The electron-pair bond forms through the interaction of an unpaired electron on each of two atoms. ,The spins of the electrons have to be opposed. ,Once paired the two electrons cannot take part in additional bonds. ,The electron-exchange terms for the bond involves only one wave function from each atom. ,The available electrons in the lowest energy level form the strongest bonds. ,Of two orbitals in an atom, the one that can overlap the most with an orbital from another atom will form the strongest bond, and this bond will tend to lie in the direction of the concentrated orbital.

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