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Preparation Related Questions


Will the study material be posted at my home? is a completely online platform and study materials are NOT printed and sent at a student's home. There are two great reasons for this:
1. Being online helps us track your performance, check problems and difficulties with studies immediately, help you connect with other students across the country.
2. You can access any material online and you will not need to wait for the post to arrive and also avoid heaps of printed material.

In short, because SMART is online it is you can access it ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and AS MANY NUMBER OF TIMES.

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Can I ask doubts about subjects or exams? How can I ask and how will I receive a reply?

You can always ask any doubt, however small, from us through various ways. You will likely receive a response from us within 24 hours.
You can ask your doubt through our online methods (Report Problems in Practice Lounge), Get Help link, or write to us at [email protected] or call us at 09654891731/08506871515.

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I am already going to coaching. Do I still need SMART? How will it benefit me additionally?

Every student does self study after their coaching class or tuitions. You can use SimplyLearnt SMART to best use your self study time and get the edge over other students. Through the fun practice lounge, you are able to solve (or even just look at it) more questions in a given timeframe. All questions are fully solved and are available to you 24x7.
Additionally, you get following advantages over regular tuitions:
a. Individual attention is given to your practice and study records (through our software) to identify where you are facing difficulties and suggest remedies.
b. You can connect with other students across the country to prepare or compete together

Regardless of whether you go to coaching or not, SMART is your sure shot tool for cracking your entrance exam.

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I need a demo before purchasing SMART

You can experience SMART for 4 chapters for FREE. No feature is restricted for 4 chapters.
You can practice a lot of questions with full solutions, get your report card, get revision tools and study material for 4 chapters.

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Purchase Related Questions


What is the best and fastest payment option for SMART?

Fastest (and most convenient) payment option is using your credit card or an internet enabled debit card. Next fastest option is doing a bank transfer online via NEFT.

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After making a payment, how much time it will take to activate my SMART subscription?

The time it would take for your to get your SMART subscription activated depends on the payment mode.
1. Online via Credit/Debit Card - Such a payment enables your subscription immediately. Once you receive a payment successful message go ahead and access your blocked features
2. Cash in bank - Once you make the payment, give us a call. We will get the accounts checked and activate your subscription immediately on payment confirmation. Bank transfers can take upto 2-4 hours after you make the payment at your end.
3. Cheque/Demand Draft - Once we receive your cheque and demand draft, you will receive a call from us and your subscription will be activated immediately upon receipt. In case the cheque or DD has errors or is returned by the bank we may reject your payment or cancel your subscription. To avoid this, make sure you enter all the details correctly as given on the website.

Our support team is very responsive and are committed in providing any help and support and we are only a call away (on 09654891731/08506871515).

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Will my money be refunded if the exam is cancelled or I decide not to take it up?

We take a lot of pride in the services we offer to our students. You will be able to realize full value of your money. However, for refund and cancellation policy refer to: Refund and Cancellation Policy

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The price is too high for me. Is there a way for me to avail more discounts?

We have priced the SMART subscription nominally keeping in mind the features and services provided to our students. We also take a lot of care in the services and support we provide to our students after their purchase.
Discounts are offered to our students from time to time, you can keep track of your email to know about them.
You can also avail additional Buddy Discounts if you have friends who want to purchase it with you (you all will get a reduced price).
Email your requests at: [email protected]

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My subscription will be valid till what time?

Your subscription will remain valid at least until your exam is over.

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Can I access complete study Material after I purchase SMART subscription

As a SMART Member you will have full access to the following features:
Access to Complete Question Bank with Solutions
SMART Performance Tracking
Study Plan by Experts - Know what to study when
SMART Improvement Plan
Personalized Support and Counseling

Test Series and priced tests are NOT a part of SMART subscrition.

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Do I need to pay anything else after purchase of SMART Full?

No, SMART Full Subscription remains valid till your exam is over and you will not need to make any additional payment.

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