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Free Practice Questions on Set Theory

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1How many families had neither toast nor cereal nor egg?View
2How many had egg or toast but not cereal?View
3How many families had only two items?View
4In a survey of 100 people, it was found that 60 people read the India Today, 55 read the Outlook and...View
5In a class of 50 students, 28 like pop music, and 20 like classical music. If 10 students like one o...View
630 monkeys went to a picnic. 25 monkeys chose to irritate buffaloes, and 20 chose to irritate cows....View
7A surveys shows that 89% of the Australians like butter whereas 79% like chocolate. It is known perc...View
8Find the number of persons who liked all the three cities.View
9Find the number of persons who liked at least two cities as a percentage of number of persons who li...View
10Find the number of persons who liked exactly two cities as a percentage of the number of persons who...View
11In a club, all the members are free to vote for one, two or three of the candidates. 20% of the memb...View
12In a class of 25 students, at least one of mathematics or statistics is taken by everybody. 12 have...View
13In a recent survey (conducted by HLL) of 1,000 houses, washing machine, vacuum cleaners and refriger...View
14A group of tourists (104 in all) speak Bengali or Spanish or Chinese. Out of these, 66 are Bengali s...View
15In the above question the number of people speaking neither Spanish nor English, isView
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17 view
18 view
19 view
20In Ranchi, only two newspapers The Hindustan and The Indian Express are published. It is known that...View
21 view
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23Which of the following sets are null sets?View
24Number of subsets of a set of set of order three isView
25"n/m" means that n is a factor of m, then the relation T isView
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27 view
28 view
29 view
30 view
31The number of elements in the power set of the set {{a, b}, c} isView
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33In a room containing 28 people, there are 18 people who speak English, 15 people who speak Hindi and...View
34Order of the power set of a set of order n isView
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36In a beauty contest, half the number of experts voted for Mr. A and two thirds voted for Mr. B. 10 v...View
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38The set of all Equivalence classes of a set A of cardinality CView
39Let Z denote the set of all integers.Define f:Z-->Z byf(x)={x/2 (x is even) 0 (x is...View
40Let R be z relation "(x-y) is divisible by m", where x, y, m are integers and m > 1, then R isView
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42The set of all real numbers under the usual multiplication operation is not a group sinceView
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44If * is defined on R* as a * b = (ab/2) then element in the group (R*, *) isView
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46Let a = {2, (4, 5), 4}. Which statement is correct?View
47Which of these sets is finite?View
48Which of these sets is not a null set?View
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50Which statement best describes the venn diagram below?View
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