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What is BBS Syllabus?

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What is the BBS exam?

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BBS 2018 Exam News

There are no official notifications for the BBS exam as of now. Please check this page again in future.

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Tips to never forget what you study blog imageTips to never forget what you study

Do you open a chapter after a month and ask yourself, “Did I ever study this”?Do you never find time for revision?Revision is the most important aspect of your study plan. Due to lack of time this...
Recap Test By Simplylearnt blog imageRecap Test By Simplylearnt

“Practice means inviting the perfection desired - Everything we do is practice for something greater than where we currently are”What is recap test?If you want to evaluate what have you learned so...
Improvement Test By Simplylearnt blog imageImprovement Test By Simplylearnt

“Practice without improvement is meaningless”So, when you prepare for an exam, you first practice a chapter. You need proper revision to actually improve your level in the chapter.  SimplyLea...
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