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Free Practice Questions on Center of Mass, Impulse and Momentum

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2In an elastic collision:View
3In an elastic collision:View
4A girl sits stationary at the back end of a long trolley moving uniformly with speed v on a smooth h...View
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6Two particles A and B initially at rest move towards each other under a mutual force of attraction....View
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8Two particles A and B initially at rest move towards each other under a mutual force of attraction....View
9The centre of mass of a rigid body liesView
10A body falling vertically downwards under gravity breaks in two parts of unequal masses. The centre...View
11Three identical spheres, each of mass M are placed at the corners of a right angled triangle with mu...View
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13The physical quantity which is the product of mass and velocity of a body is known as:View
14Two bodies of identical mass m are moving with constant velocity v but in the opposite directions an...View
15A particle of mass M moving in a horizontal circle of radius R with uniform speed v. When it moves f...View
16A body of mass 3 kg is moving with a velocity of 4 m/s towards left, collides head on with a body of...View
17A bullet of mass 5 g moving with a velocity 10 m/s strikes a stationary body of mass 955 g and enter...View
18A body of mass 8 kg collides elasticity with a stationary mass of 2 kg. If initial KE of moving mass...View
19A circular hole of radius 1 cm is cutoff from a disc of radius 6 cm. The centre of hole is 3 cm from...View
20Which of the following has centre of mass not situated in the material of body?View
21A man of mass M stands at one end of a plank of length L which lies at rest on a frictionless surfac...View
22If momentum of a body remains constant, then mass speed graph of body is:View
23If momentum of a given mass of body is increased by n% then :View
24When a meteorite burns in the atmosphere, then:View
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26When two blocks A and B coupled by a spring on a frictionless table are stretched and then released,...View
27If a ball is dropped from rest, it bounces from the floor. The coefficient of restitution is 0.5 and...View
28A body is dropped and observed to bounce a height greater than the dropping height. Then:View
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30A ball moving with a certain velocity hits another identical ball at rest. If the plane is frictionl...View
31Two bodies A and B of definite shape (dimensions of bodies are not ignored) A is moving with speed 1...View
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33The end of uniform rope of mass m and length L that is piled on a platform is lifted vertically with...View
34Two balls of masses 2 g and 6 g are moving with KE in the ratio of 3:1. What is the ratio of their l...View
35A thin horizontal circular disc is rotating about a vertical axis passing through its centre. An ins...View
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38A 3.0 kg block slides on a frictionless horizontal surface, first moving to the left at 50 m/s. It c...View
39Which one of the following is true in the case of inelastic collisions?Total Energy Kinetic e...View
40Statement-1 : Two particles moving in the same direction do not lose all their energy in a completel...View
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42The speed of daughter nuclei isView
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