Ways to crack entrance exams without coaching

August 2, 2017

A few years ago this was the biggest question for students who prepared for entrance exams that “is it possible to crack entrance exams without coaching?
This is yet a question though! But, now we have few useful solutions for it as we have become more digital now as compared to a few years back.

When students think of not to join a coaching class but still want to prepare & crack the entrance exam with a good rank and for that, they have to think twice if not coaching then what? So, the answer is - “Online Preparation

But then some questions come up - How can I do so? Is it worth doing online preparation? Can I trust on these online websites or study material? How much I need to spend? And so on.

Check out the answers of all these questions below:

How can I do so?
It is now possible to crack any entrance exam if you start your preparation as per below-mentioned steps.
  • Know All About Your Exam - It is important to know as many details as possible about the exam you are going to give.
  • Create a Study Plan - A Study Timetable based on your daily routine and tasks to be completed.
  • Choose the chapters to study in right order.
  • Prepare, Master and Revise.
  • Take Mock and Past Year Papers
Pros of “Online Preparation”
Cons of “Offline Preparation”
No need to travel - Just need internet access and start preparation on phone
Time wasted in travelling to coaching center
No limits - access anywhere anytime
Limited time for attending class
Get your doubts solved online, Notes, tips tricks, etc.
Wait for the teacher to give the solution of your doubts, need to take notes, short tips-tricks yourself.

Is it worth doing online preparation?
Yes, it is worth doing because
  • Preparing online is now a trend for each and everyone.
  • It helps you to stay up to date with your exam (news, syllabus & pattern)
  • It does not require any traveling issues
  • As said you can access study material anytime & everywhere.

How can I trust on these online websites or study material?
You can check out students testimonial about the study material here. Also, take a demo just to assure whether it is useful for you or not.

How much I need to spend?
We (Simplylearnt.com) do not encourage to waste money on anything which is not at all useful for you. Hence, You can first explore the website(for any specific exam) completely.

Take a demo of the study material and when you feel it is worth spending money on, Then only check out the price(which is absolutely affordable).  

Go through all these points to get success in your Engineering, Medical, NTSE & CAT exams.

“If Your Dream is to Fly, Our Mission is to Simplify”

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