Top 5 tips to stop being lazy and start studying today!

August 8, 2017

“Kal se padhenge”

Have you ever said that? And, in the end it is too late?

Sometimes we give these excuses to ourself or to our mummy. But overall they are harmful now for our exams and later in our professional life also.

Do you want to break this habit, but can’t? We bring 5 easy tips to help you stop procrastinating and study more in a day.

Tip #1 – Plan your day

What do you want to accomplish in a day? When you wake up, write it down on a piece of paper. You can have a whiteboard in your room or wherever you can see it all the time. Write neatly so that it motivates you.

It helps if you write smaller tasks instead one big one. For example, instead of writing “Study Chemistry” try “Read Chapter and do 20 questions – Chemical Bonding”
Make sure to cross out or erase once you complete your task. Spice it up by setting up reminders on your phone or decorating your plan

Tip #2 – Be Realistic

Let’s be honest! If you have been super lazy, studying 16 hours from the next day is impossible. So make sure you gradually increase your study time. Start with 2-3 hours and then increase your study time.

Note: You cannot study 16 hours as you need time to rest, exercise and eat. So aim for about 10-12 hours. A dedicated study for 12 hours is enough to excel.

Tip #3 – Take breaks

A dedicated study session of 1 hour should be followed by a small break. Just like you need to charge your phone after use.

If you have not been studying yet, you can take breaks after 30 minutes.
Once or twice in a day take a longer break of 30 minutes to go out for some fresh air and exercise. Have a glass of water, walk around, do deep breathing to refresh.

Make sure to avoid wasting time on Facebook, Whatsapp or YouTube. If this seems impossible, plan a dedicated time in the day for this and have screen time only for that duration.

Tip #4 – Reward Yourself

Nothing works better than a little treat to yourself. You have completed a task. You have defeated laziness, you deserve a reward!

You can small gifts and keep them wrapped in a cupboard beforehand. Give it to yourself when you achieve a goal. You can play on your phone for extra 5 minutes or have a snack of your choice.

But remember, the biggest reward is preparing well and cracking the exam so make sure you get back on track.

Tip #5 – Get Help from Family!

Your mother is most interested in seeing you study hard and do well. She will be very eager to help you. Ask her to remind you, if you are wasting time on Facebook, Whatsapp or YouTube or just being plain lazy.

You can also make a study buddy, someone who is preparing for the same exam and you both motivate each other.

Next time you feel like lazing around, give yourself a shrug and get back to studies with these easy tips.

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