Most Important Chapters of CAT

August 29, 2017

CAT 2018 exam is knocking the door!
Just 3 months left for the exam, and students are panicking and getting stressed about its preparation.

Well, it is never too late to start preparing if you know the right path to go.
The first step of yours should be - knowing all your exam related information well.

The second is to select the high-weightage topics out of all and prepare those chapter well. The most important(Do or Die) chapters for CAT 2018 are as follows:
Quantitative Aptitude:
  • Number Systems and Number Theory (12% questions)
  • Geometry (10% questions)
  • Mixtures and Alligations (6% questions)
  • Set Theory (5% questions)
  • Probability (4% questions)
  • Pipes and Cisterns (4% questions)
  • Permutation and Combination (4% questions)
  • Races and Games (4% questions)
  • Boats and Streams (4% questions)
  • Problems on Trains (4% questions)

Practice all chapters of Quantitative Aptitude - Click here

Verbal Ability:
  • Reading Comprehension (16% questions)
  • Paragraph Jumbles (14% questions)
  • Analogies (8% questions)
  • Basic Grammar (8% questions)

Practice all chapters of Verbal Ability - Click here

Data Interpretation:
  • Data Sufficiency (20% questions)
  • Tables and Caselets (14% questions)

Practice all chapters of Data Interpretation - Click here

Logical Reasoning:
  • Sequencing & Arrangement (12% questions)
  • Logical Problems (10% questions)
  • Syllogism (10% questions)
  • Logic based problems (10% questions)
  • Logical Games (8% questions)

Practice all chapters of Logical Reasoning - Click here

Prepare these chapters first in order to complete your syllabus in a right order that will help you crack CAT this year.

How to prepare for CAT more effectively in less time?

As less than 3 months left for the exam you need to be prepared for it. Check out some useful tips to prepare for CAT:

Tip #1 - It is important to know the useful details about the exam. For example, the syllabus, the exam date and paper pattern

Tip #2 - You should have a study plan before you start preparation - Create a study plan according to your daily routine and follow it very seriously, it will help you to make things easy to memorize.

Tip #3 - Start your preparation with most important chapters first, it will help you to complete the chapters with more weightage timely & also you can do proper practice for those chapters.

Tip #4 - After completing a chapter of any subject, we recommend you to use Good Enough Meter (GEM) to analyze your performance for that chapter.

Tip #5 - If the performance is not upto the mark try taking improvement test, recap test and the weekly test. It will help you to quickly increase your score for the chapter you have prepared.

If still have any doubt, feel free to ask via email ([email protected])

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