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August 15, 2017

“Practice without improvement is meaningless”
So, when you prepare for an exam, you first practice a chapter. You need proper revision to actually improve your level in the chapter. provides you improvement test on every chapter. We advise you to take it regularly.

What is an improvement test?
When solving questions you attempt certain questions wrong or leave some unattempted. Likely, you found those difficult or just made a silly error. You would have likely figured where you went wrong and now would be ready to solve them again correctly. An improvement test is a collection of all such questions so that you can repeat these again and again to become perfect.
When and how often to take this test?

Ideal time to take this test is when you have practiced some questions on If you have not done a single question wrong, then this test will not give you any question. Take the test as often as possible after doing 20-30 questions on any chapter and take them at the time of revision with a fresh mind.
Your goal should be to get a 100% score in these tests.
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