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July 21, 2017

SMART Achievers(2017) of

Heartiest congratulations to our SMART achievers of 2017 who had achieved their goal by preparing with SMART package.

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.”

Do you want to know what was their strategies to achieve this goal?

When we asked them what out of all features helped you the most the answer we got same - Study Plan. So, when you begin your preparation just don’t forget that the first part of great outcome is “PLANNING”

Once you are done with your plan then start practicing in the right order which is important as much as the planning. You should always pick up first the “Do or Die” things as without this filter we cannot get expected results not only in studies but, in life, business & everything.

The next thing to follow is to prepare, prepare & just prepare. Do not stress your mind and affect your health by studying all the time

Take some daily or weekly challenges to compete with the students from all over India just to analyze your preparation and this will help you to write the actual exam with no fear.

Finally, when it comes to revision then the first thing comes in mind of every student is Previous year papers, Mock test papers & tips-tricks. Well, all of these actually helps a lot in the revision part :)

If you are wondering to be an Achiever/Topper, then follow these strategies to achieve your goal!

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