Fast Track Study Plan for Last Minute Preparation

May 1, 2017

When the exams are around the corner, most students feel the pressure of completing the syllabus on time.
The pressure is more because students face low confidence on how much they know their syllabus.

Students need quick revision of everything they have done to feel prepared.

This entrance season SimplyLearnt offered its students a Fast Track Study Plan with answers to most of the common worries.

What is a Fast Track Study Plan?

The students have loved the 9-Miles Study Plan on SimplyLearnt. Fast Track Study Plan is the entrance season version of the same. It is aimed at focused preparation covering all the most important aspects of the syllabus and doing ample revision before the exam day.

Students complete all the 9-Miles but the targets are reduced to bare essentials.

We list some common worries and how Fast Track Study Plan resolves them.

Will I complete my syllabus on time?

The plan assumes you are devoting full time for entrance preparation. The time allotted to complete 
each milestone is such that the 9th milestone is reached well before exam date. We expect, however, an honest effort from the student.

Will I be able to revise my syllabus also?

The tasks in the Fast Track Study Plan devote more time for revision and mastering chapters as we assume again you would have an idea about the main concepts asked. Revision tasks give students a practice of thousands of questions.

What if my concepts are not clear?

Fast Track Study Plan students can ask any doubts to our experts about the subject material or general preparation or exam related.

You can even ask doubts or questions on the study material provided by Simplylearnt.

Will the plan be helpful if I join late?

We recommend to never procrastinate when it comes to your studies. However, the study plan is updated daily so that you can start whenever you want and still be able to complete the course. The main requirements if you join late is that you give at least 10 days for the final revision and that you are not a clean slate. This means you have some idea about what is the main syllabus for the exam.

What do if I do not have enough study material?

The Fast Track Study Plan is useful when SMART subscription is also taken along with it. SMART subscription provides superior Study Material including a fully solved question bank with notes, tips tricks and formulae etc. 

Together this is the most powerful last minute study package available online.

So, hurry do not wait any more to make your study plan.

Create Your Fast Track Study Plan


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