10 Important Tips to survive your NEET-UG exam

May 1, 2017

NEET-UG exam is just around the corner. You may be in panic but there is no need to be. Just relax and follow the given tips to pass with flying colors.


Take a short break of 5-10 minutes after every hour of serious study. Complete relaxation during the break will recharge your batteries for another intensive spell of serious study.


Do not attempt lengthy questions, and focus instead on objective, numerical questions to practice as many types of questions as you can. You should look at breadth rather than depth in these days.


A minimum of 5-6 hours of sleep every night is necessary to stay physically fit and mentally alert. The strategy in the examination hall is to keep cool and have faith.


You must remain positive, confident and see the picture that you are getting all the answers right. You should focus on how relaxed you are. In the last few days, most important factors are winning attitude, confidence and calmness.


Don't be nervous if you find the paper tough since it is the relative performance that counts. Put your best analytical mind to work, and believe in your preparation.


While answering your exam, go for the direct questions i.e. the questions, which are directly based on the topic, first.


Align your biological clock by practicing mock tests within the stimulated time for  NEET-UG. Take a full length tests with a stopwatch for this practice.


For your exam, do not miss on revising even a single day no matter how important events happen in your life, because this will boost your confidence. If you are not well take appropriate rest and study when you are fit.


Make sure you are eating healthy and nutritious food. Say no to junk food, soft drinks as they slow you and your brain down.


Tackle all questions you are sure of answering, correctly. Guessing will not help due to negative marking.

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