Important lessons from Lord Krishna to the students of today

August 25, 2016

Lord Krishna, one form of the Supreme Lord, teaches everyone the right way to live. On the day of Shri Krishna Janamashtami, we bring some important teachings which apply no matter you believe in Krishna or not.

Believe in Karma and success will follow

This should be the only goal of a student. This is your age to study hard and make the foundation of a successful life. Do not waste time on things that do not matter, for e.g. mindless chatter with friends, TV etc.  

Your parents have expectations from you and your duty is to fulfill that. All this is certainly possible, if your focus is on doing your Karma.

Act without worrying about outcome

This has been said many times but no one can deny how true this is. Many times students start worrying about the results of the entrance exams even before they start studying for the same. They should set a goal for themselves and start working towards it. It is no use being tensed all the time about the results. The only thing it does is make your studies unfruitful.

Believe in Supreme power but do your job

Again very well said! This goes out to religious people who pray and believe in God. We all know prayers and meditation help us concentrate and focus. But, to just pray to God for good results and do not put enough efforts will never give the desired results.

Live in the present

Don't worry about the future, forget about the past! Many times students worry they have wasted a lot of time and have not studied enough. Stop the worry immediately! Just focus on the time left and make the most out of it. You have today, which will not come back,  so  make the most out of it.

Be righteous and believe in yourself

Last but not the least, being righteous means doing what is morally right. Do not cheat others, your parents and do not even cheat yourself. It is easy to just pretend you are studying, you are going to classes and spending time with books. But if you are not really studying then it is cheating. 

If you are preparing for engineering entrance and you hate it, just be open with your parents and discuss if you can do something that is justified for your talents and abilities.

Finally, happiness and success is what everyone seeks in life and following these basic rules will make you very successful and happy.

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