How to study Biology for entrance exams

July 30, 2016

Biology is the most important subject in any entrance exam for two reasons
1. Most of questions will be in the Biology section
2. It is the most competitive section

For anyone who has opted for PCB, Biology would most likely be their favorite subject.
But even if it is not one of your favorites, here are some tips that will help you get through.

Tips for Studying Biology

Tip# 1: Read to understand

Contrary to popular belief – Biology is NOT just cramming. Biology involves a lot of understanding as well. For example, if you just understand how the process of digestion takes place, you will not need to “memorize it”.

Tip# 2: Did not understand? Now watch to understand!

Ok, so you were not able to understand how does mitosis take place? Why don’t you watch an animated video about it. has lots of concept videos which have been curated from the internet for your benefit.

Tip #3: Focus on important chapters first

The first chapter in biology textbooks is on classification, which is mostly theoretical. It is not even the most important chapter. So instead of starting from the first chapter, take a look at the chapter weightage from previous year papers and prepare accordingly.

Tip #4: (MOST IMPORTANT) Practice Questions

This is the most important part that students miss out. Practicing questions not only gives you an idea on the important “parts” of the chapter, it also helps you in memorizing the chapter. Keep repeating those questions and you will soon memorize all of them.

Tip# 5: Prepare Notes

Well, this works for some people and does not work for others. But if you feel that preparing notes helps you to understand and memorize, then do this more often – especially for the concepts that you are having a hard time to understand

How to approach the Biology Section in the exam?

Since Biology is mostly a theoretical section, you either know the answer or you don’t. So if you are unsure of an answer, then its best to skip it and move to the next one. Ideally, in the exam, the Biology section should take the least amount of time so try attempting it in the beginning itself.
Sometimes, you feel that you know the answer, but are not confident. In that case, use the process of elimination. Try thinking about the meanings of the all the other answer options, and concluding the best answer possible. But remember, that most competitive exams have negative marking as well, so better leave a question un-attempted than attempt it incorrectly.

Bonus Tip – How to solve questions related to genetics?

This is a very common problem faced by Biology students. Genetics is one part that seems very difficult to understand. The best way to solve any question related to genetics (especially those that ask you to predict the ratios of those F1, F2 generations), try drawing a Punnett square. It is time consuming at times, but it will help you get to the right answer very easily.

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