Mark your Favorite Questions on Practice Lounge

April 23, 2016

On popular demand, now we have provided an option in your favorite practice lounge to save a question to review later.

Save Your Favorite Question 

When practicing a question in  Practice Lounge look for this button.
Click it to save the question as your favorite and you can review later any time.

Review your Favorite Questions

You can review all your favorite questions any time on Just visit the following page.

Your Favorite Questions Page

A Cool Guide to Practice Lounge

Practice lounge is the coolest app on where students spend more than an hour each day during their exam time. It comes with a doubt solving feature and complete solutions. It is not time bound so you can spend as much time as you like. Practice Lounge comes in many interesting themes like cricket, patriotic, summer themes etc.

Here's a quick look of the app.

Popular Practice Lounges


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