How to Study Physics for Entrance Exams

January 21, 2016

Some students will say, Physics is easy!
Some students will say, Physics is hard!

Actually, it is a lot of fun, if you study the right way.

Many students tend to leave Physics till the end and struggle with it. However, when studied the right way you can easily get great marks on this section.

So here are some tips to ace the Physics section.

Tips to prepare before the exam

  • Understand the basic underlying concept of each chapter.  
  • Make sure to apply these concepts to real world scenarios and understand them.
  • Video explanation of Physics concepts will be very useful
  • It is important to learn all formulae. It will be better if you properly understand how they are derived so that you remember them well. Make sure to keep a list of formulae separately.
  • Practice is the key. The more you practice, the easier it will become and make notes while you study for later reference.
  • Sometimes it may be useful to look into class 9 and 10 concepts to make your base strong.

How to solve a Physics question

  • Clearly identify what is asked in the question.
  • Identify what formula or concept you will use to solve the question.
  • Always make a drawing if possible and mark all the values given.
  • There are some questions that are based on two or more concepts from different chapters. Identify all the underlying concepts you will need to use.
  • While solving questions at home you can refer to your notes so that the concepts become strong in your head.
  • IMPORTANT: make sure you give importance to the units used in the question (e.g. CGS, MKS etc.) in order to arrive at the answer.

Things to do when attempting Physics section in the exam 

  • Read question very carefully.
  • If the question is straightforward and you are confident on the concepts asked, solve it immediately.
  • If you have any confusion or doubt regarding the question, you can leave the question then and attempt it later when you have finished majority of your exam.
  • While marking the final answer, double check because sometime confusing answer options are provided.
  • If you feel you know the concept but unable to recall at the exam time, do not panic and try retrace your memory with a very cool head. You will surely recall what you studied.

All the best!

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