We are what we are because of our teachers

September 4, 2015

It is this day when we take time to think about what we learnt and who all taught us to live in this world with self respect.

Teacher's Day reminds us of all those teachers who made our life worth living. Let's take a moment to thank them.

Our parents who taught us to eat...

and to walk and become independent enough to explore the world.

Our teachers who taught us to read and write

This opened up a whole new world of knowledge for us.

They taught us the spirit of sporting and healthy competition ...

Showing us importance of not just mental but also physical health equally...

Showing us all the avenues of our rich arts and culture ...

Our teachers of higher studies who took us deeper on the path of exploring our areas of interest...

Teaching us not just academics but life skills

It is not only Teacher's Day when we feel thankful to our teachers. We thank every time we are able to make a right judgement, choose between good or bad and do what makes a difference to this world.

We thank them for their invaluable lesson of selflessly giving away all the knowledge to this world.


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