The real Independence Day for a student!

August 14, 2015

Independence Day, the biggest national festival of our country, reminds us of the sacrifices of our freedom fighters to free us from the British rule.

We got freedom to live as we want and do what we like. But even today we are not free from things that are stopping us to be super successful.

So for you as a student what will be the real Independence Day?

It will be the day when we are free from the following things that are stopping us from being a TOPPER

Freedom from someone asking us to study

We study when our teacher tells us to or when our mom tells us to.
Freedom is when we enjoy our studies so much that no one has to ask us to do it.

Freedom from having to travel long distance for good education

Real freedom is when we can prepare for the entrance exam of our dream college right from the comfort of our home. We don't have to spend hours in travel.

Freedom from getting bored of studies

Freedom is when the studies are not boring at all. Concepts are made easy and practicing is made fun.

Freedom from being compared to others

Freedom is when we are judged and nurtured for what we are, and not that if we are better than "padosi" (neighbor) ka beta/beti. 

Freedom of choosing a career that we like

Freedom is when not our teachers, not our parents and not our friends but we ourselves decide what we want to do in life.

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