Does reservation in engineering and medical college entrance affect you?

August 29, 2015

In the recent uproar over reservation in the country one is forced to seriously think about how it affects a student.

What it was supposed to be?

Reservations started with a philanthropic motive to provide the oppressed and backward sections of the society a chance to obtain higher studies and uplift their status. Looking back in history, these people really needed someone to come and help their cause. The deep rooted caste system separated people depriving the lower caste people of many of their fundamental rights.

What it turned out to be?

But over the years reservation is being misused. Generations over generations continue to use reservation even after their status is uplifted in the society. More and more castes in the country demanded reservation, even staged violent protests and got their desired reservation. Even today such demands are presented before the nation each day.

The candidates face many challenges in getting admissions in their desired colleges despite their merit due fake certificates prepared by undeserving candidates. Hence, the reservation system in India is creating a workforce which is not capable enough to compete at the global level.

What can we do?

Whether you are in favor of reservation or not, things are unlikely to change very soon because of a lot of vested interests of people. The thing that we can do is to make our merit REALLY STRONG that it is really beyond reservation. No one says NO to top rankers!

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