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August 12, 2015

Practice Lounge on SimplyLearnt is India's most popular practice application for entrance exams.
Our goal is to make it as interesting and fun to use as possible.

One effort in that direction is the cool themes of Practice Lounge.

The latest theme is Patriotic Theme as in August we all get drenched in colors of patriotism.

Patriotic Theme Highlights

In a Practice Lounge theme you get: 
  • Prep Buddy in patriotic avatar
  • Application backgrounds and graphics in patriotic avatar
  • Prep Buddy's messages to you are also coloured in patriotic avatar
Of course, the best features of Practice Lounge are same in all themes
  • Level based practice, start with Level 1 and go up to Level 10
  • Correct answer, solutions and other details after every question
  • You have a life meter which reduces on a wrong answer and it increases on a correct answer
  • Game is over on empty life meter
  • Level up on full life meter :)

Enjoy practicing for your entrance exams when the nation is celebrating this most important national festival.

Wish you a very Happy Independence Day!

Other Practice Lounge Themes

Summer Theme - Cool Lemonades and Icecreams

Cricket Theme - For all Cricket Lovers

Classic Theme - Plain and Simple

Don't forget to select your favorite theme in Practice Lounge before you start practicing. You can practice questions by clicking any chapter and searching for Question Bank.


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