Inspiring note for those about to start college life by Avishkaar Box CEO

July 15, 2015

(Below is an inspiring note by AvishkaarBox CEO Tarun Bhalla to all those who are starting an important phase of their lives, i.e. the College Education. It is a time of transformation for most individuals and I hope this guiding light will make you make the best of it.)

"I am writing this unsolicited note as a guiding light for you for next four years of life. The world you are entering is supposed to be cruel, selfish, insecure and a world where one has to be careful or guarded - therefore what I say to you is going to be counter intuitive - Instead of being guarded, I would want you to be carefree. Instead of beating your chest, I would request you to be humble. Instead of coming across as someone in control, I would suggest you to embrace love. Instead of going with the flow, I would say create the flow.

Here's my four mantra's for your next four years in college:

Be carefree but with respect

People would say think carefully before what you say in your class, with your friends or with strangers. I would say be carefree (or rather be the natural you than trying to pretend to be someone else). Say and do what your heart tells you is right rather than being looked "right". The only caveat is be respectful - stand original in your class but do not look down upon that kid who needs your help or is struggling. Be respectful to that teacher whom you feel is not original, she had to go through a lot to come there as our country was not the same when she grew up - so do understand if she is not original.

Be audacious/fearless but with humility

Audacious you are and fearless you will be I know, however, humility is the quality that will take you far. Knowing that you don't know all the answers will make you learn something from everyone. Humility will ensure that other's ideas and help flow towards you like bees come to a flower.

Rise in love with everything

Love in India has very limited meaning - mostly it is always thought of as emotion that you fall in for a human (either your friend, your family or spouse). I would say do not try to be in control of your feelings/emotions rather take a deep dive in this emotion with everything that you do - whether its your first college friend or your bike or your first project or your first internship. Love it like there's no tomorrow. But just make sure your love is making you rise and not fall - if its making you fall then may be its not really love.

Don't go with the flow, create the flow

Every design that you make, every homework that you submit, every project you work on should be your master piece - promise me you will not go with the flow but create the flow. Take inspiration from nature, guidelines from your teachers, suggestions from your friends, but ideas and implementation should be only yours - you will not settle for mediocrity my friend - promise me on that.

Finally if you do fail with some of your tasks in the next four years then that means that you are doing well. So don't worry if failure is your companion during this journey. From what I have learnt from my life, its one of those companions who keeps you grounded.

So live full not less!

Tarun Bhalla

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