How to manage self study with school and coaching classes

July 24, 2015

As soon as we get in Class 11 and take up the science stream, we pick up a coaching institute or tuition classes to help us prepare for engineering or medical entrance exams.

Class 12 we take extra coaching for Board exams as well.

Extra coaching after school takes lot of your time leaving you exhausted and absolutely no time for self study.

But is that a right approach for the most important exams of your life?

Self Study is important

  • To strengthen all the concepts you study daily in a big class.
  • Finish your homework and learning from it side by side
  • Find doubts in concepts and discuss with your teacher timely.

But how to find time for self study with school and coaching/tuition classes?

Choose a coaching institute wisely

  • Find one closer to house so that you do not have to travel very much. 
  • If you can walk or cycle, it can count towards your physical exercise. 
  • Number of hours you will spend at the coaching institute should be manageable. Make sure you are not attending one school after another in a day. 
  • Weekend classes with regular school is better.
  • Finally, it is possible to do well in entrance and Board exams all on your own with self study but you may need help to clarify doubts. is the best self study platform online, which saves a lot of time and is very very effective in completing and mastering your syllabus.

Have a good study plan

  • You must have a daily time table with or without coaching institute. This is the only way to manage the huge syllabus
  • Keep morning study time before your school as this is the best time for study even if you study late night.
  • Keep time for exercise and proper rest to recharge your body for the required hard work.
  • If commuting is there in your plan and it takes a long time make use of it by revising/practicing during commute. is completely accessible on your smartphone and provides you an option to continue your studies during commute after you have left your home.

Don't waste time

  • If you are wasting time in front of TV or using internet for entertainment then it is waste of time. For entertainment, choose options like playing outside or chatting with friends and family.
  • Idle talk with friends after school or coaching is also a waste of time. Avoid that.
  • Read about finding more time in your day in this great article.

Finally, make sure to devote time for self study everyday without fail if you really want to succeed.


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